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Top tips for web performance

Optimize CSS background images.

Top tips for web performance

Use srcset to automatically choose the right image size.

An illustration of a service worker interacting with a cache.

Bringing service workers to Google Search

The story of what shipped, how the impact was measured, and the tradeoffs that were made.

A globe with code overlaid

How we’re bringing Google Earth to the Web

Improving cross-browser access to Google Earth with WebAssembly.

A wooden spoon, full of salt.

Web components: the secret ingredient helping power the web

Web components at I/O 2019

Use Lighthouse for performance budgets

Transfering money from a phone

Updates to the Web Payments APIs

Stay up to date on what's new in Web Payments

Aircraft instrument panel, photographer Arie Wubben via

The value of speed

Show stakeholders how site speed improvements can increase revenue.

Youtube application screenshot

How YouTube improved video performance with the Media Capabilities API

Ensuring buttery smooth video playback across all devices.

An unstable stack of rocks on a beach

The Layout Instability API

Detect unexpected layout shifts in JavaScript.

A man at a whiteboard draws a flow diagram depicting shopping cart abandonment.

How can performance improve conversion?

Optimize your site's performance and improve conversions.

A pile of gears.

Making JavaScript and Google Search work together

Get the latest updates and insights from Google I/O 2019.

Service workers lining up.

Service worker mindset

How to think when thinking about service workers.

A row of shopping carts.

What should you measure to improve performance?

Strategies to measure performance at each stage in the purchase funnel

A description of the hero image for screen reader users.

Image policies for fast load times and more

Use optimized image policies to ensure your site is using the best performing images.

A flatlay photo of wrenches and screwdrivers.

Extract critical CSS

Learn how to improve render times with critical CSS technique.

An hourglass with sand pouring through it

Are long JavaScript tasks delaying your Time to Interactive?

Learn to diagnose costly work preventing user interaction.

Speedometer on a retro car

Speed at Scale - What's new in Web Performance?

Learn about three new Web Performance launches from I/O 2019.

a logo image of PROXX.

Introducing PROXX

A game of proximity, inspired by minesweeper

SameSite cookies explained

Secure your site by learning how to explicitly mark your cross-site cookies.

A series of screens shows a phone camera scanning an image and generating a link.

Visual searching with the Web Perception Toolkit

Easy to use real-world interactivity

A logo of Portals

Hands-on with Portals: seamless navigations on the Web

Learn how to build good navigation UX with the Portals API.

Image of laptop with mouse pointing to checkout button on a web page

How to report metrics and build a performance culture

Understand why performance matters when it comes to conversion

A group of colorful hot air balloons launching into the sky. at I/O 2019

New look. New docs. New blog!

Discover performance opportunities with Lighthouse